Friday, July 13, 2018

A drawing a Day. (almost)

During the last year I've tried to make a drawing a day during the weekdays. Here is a small sample of them.

I try to draw myself purposely with different looks depending of what I am wearing that day and how long my hair. I also alternate between slightly realistic and cartoony styles.

I like this one in a strange way, in reality it was an exercise on clothing as well as halftones, but it ended up looking awfully dramatic. Maybe a bit too dramatic.

Still, kind of nice.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

D&D inspired illustration

A series of illustrations inspired in RPG action.

 Shield Break

Mana Burst

Critical Hit

These were all done in Photoshop. Please click on the images to see more detail. :)

Lineart and colors in Rebelle 2

Rebelle 2 is a painting program that simulates paint and watercolor including water flow, tilt, water and paint bleed and more.

Unlike photoshop a lot of the mixing in the program simulates the true behaviour of paint on a Canvas. It is quite impressive and powerful. Watercolor painting is especially impressive.

Here are some of my drawings painted.


Colors in Rebelle2


WIP Colors in Rebelle2

Bonus Snail. :)

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Some Inked Drawings

 Samurai Businessman


Deep Sea Diver

Some inked sketches from a while ago, practicing variety on character design.