Saturday, January 23, 2016

Unreleased music video concept art.

Design work for a music video that I worked on. I worked on all design and animation work by myself.

While the video is finished as far as I know, it remains unreleased.

Some animation tests testing software.

Some really rough animation tests, flash and photoshop with a tablet, trying to see how fast I could animate these, each to about 20~30 min...

I was using flash cs5. I started using the pen tool as a test to see how fast i could go only doing the rough bits of the animation, The fact that it was a tablet and the lack of a rotation function in flash made it a bit frustrating.

But it is so fast paced that I can't really get that mad at the software. Unlike photoshop. that can produce nice bits of color and interesting redering options but the actual process becomes very time consuming.

After effects animation is a bit of an odd duck, I can see how it can be very easy to create some interesting effects using the puppet tool in AE but I can't say that the process is very conducive to that.

The process of keying the poses is utterly complicated. however the sheer control that can be obtained balances it out... sort of.