About me

I am Alvaro Muñoz Ruiz

Coffee guy, comic book fan, animator.

I was born  in Venezuela and raised in Bolivia, I am currently living in Vancouver Canada, and if there's something I always knew ever since I was a young child is that I wanted to create. And so I started, drawings, short stories, comic books and so I reached animation, my greatest passion.

I have always liked to make drawings that could tell stories, and animation is the perfect medium for it. It is a truly compelling  form of storytelling with infinite possibilities. From the planning and plotting of the stories to the production of the artwork and assets, all the way to the finished film. I have always found animation and it's process fascinating and engaging. Being part of the industry and grow as a professional in it, has been a goal of mine since I started my studies.

And so I continue to my quest for self improvement and learning. Simple but true.